Carrying a little extra?

Maintaining a healthy weight need not dictate who you share a meal with or impinge on your social life. You don't have to feel hungry and you don't have to buy weight-loss products to lose weight. Losing weight is as much how you eat and when you eat as it is what you eat.

It's easier than ever to put on extra weight. Convenience foods, time pressures, boredom eating, low energy - all these factors make it harder to feel good about yourself. But don't worry, there are tried & true ways to start losing weight from your first visit.

Following fad diets is unnatural for your body, which usually reacts by depressing your metabolic rate, making real weight loss even harder. Following our tips and shortcuts, on the other hand, will help you lose weight safely which means you'll be able to keep it off. Generic diets don't suit everyone, so it's better to find out what works for your body. You'll learn about your Ayurvedic body type/constitution and what it really needs. And we give you plenty of flexibility to work around a busy schedule. Adhering to our cultural norms of breakfast, lunch and dinner doesn't work for every body. Some people need regular snacks, while others require fewer carefully planned meals during the day.


Personal & internet sessions are $120, allow around an hour & a half. Face-to-face sessions are recommended for the first consultation and every four weeks to keep you on track. Prepare an honest record of one week's usual eating habits including notes on physical symptoms, daily fluid intake, bowel movements and recent pathology results if available.

We'll also address the emotional reasons behind food choices, plus the all-important stress, sleep and digestive influences.


'After seeing Fiona and following her recommendations, the change was noticeable after only a few weeks. I have more energy and am losing weight on a program that fits in with my lifestyle.' GN, Annandale

"Generally, while it took me a few days to understand what you were saying, I've been very happy with the framework you suggested to me. It has made total sense for my body and I've found it easy to stick to a lot of it and feeling good. For some reason I seem to have found it easier to be much more disciplined re sugar/ icecream/ junk as well which is great. I have, as you predicted, slowly and steadily lost some weight, which is great, as I don't even feel like I've really been trying." JL, Marrickville

'I have so much more energy now; I feel fantastic.' SK, Marrickville

If you don't look after your body
where are you going to live?