Laughter and positive emotions reverse stress mechanisms, reduce depression and up-regulate immunity. Laughter increases white blood cells, reduces inflammatory hormones and increases interferon and T-cells (anti-viral). Norman Cousins reversed the debilitating inflammatory effects of ankylosing spondylitis through laughter.

Yoga has been found to up-regulate antioxidant capacity of cells to combat oxidative stress as measured by increased glutathione levels. Yoga is about emotional and mental flexibility as much as physical flexibility. Try 30 mins asanas, 5 mins pranayama, 5 mins meditation.berries sydney nutrition

Drinking black tea helps adapt to stress. 1 hour post a stressful episode, catecholamines (stress hormones) dropped by nearly 50% compared to 30% in controls after drinking black tea.

According to Ayurveda, finishing your shower with cold water helps stimulate cells to produce ATP for more internal energy. This means you are less likely to reach for external sources of energy such as sugar & caffeine.

Saying thanks or Grace before a meal allows the body to release salivary and digestive enzymes, stimulating 'cephalic digestion' meaning it starts with the brain.

Discipline is necessary for a calm mind. Cultivate a healthy mind with fresh fruit & vegetables, water, some healthy fats, a little sweetness and lots of time in nature.

Drinking a glass of beetroot juice can reduce systolic blood pressure within 24 hours.

Treat morning sickness with small amounts of protein such as nuts, seeds or yoghurt.

In all skin disorders, we must treat the digestive fire first.

If you have 20 mins to spare, click on the TED logo to hear New York Times food writer Mtedark Bittman on an inspiring quick history of modern food.

And remember, health is dynamic. It's an experience, not a reward.

If you don't look after your body
where are you going to live?