So why visit Sydney Nutrition?

Because it's all about you! We can help you feel better, perform better, think better and save money. We can make the difference between you feeling average and feeling great.

There are no bitter herbal formulas to take and no calorie counting; just simple changes to what you already enjoy, plus limited supplements if necessary.


You are assessed according to Western nutritional practices, Ayurvedic elements, body type and personal needs. A strong digestive system (agni) is the cornerstone to Ayurvedic good health and this is also the foundation of your treatment. We may also address underlying emotional issues associated with illness, weight gain and lifestyle changes.

All consultations are based on practical and down-to-earth nutritional principles. We provide an education in good health


rather than supplying a strict eating plan so you can confidently make your own decisions about good health with flexibility.

Let's Chat!
Your first consultation is $120 by cash or EFT. Allow up to an hour & a half for your first consult. Follow-up consults are $90 for around an hour. Health fund rebates apply under "Nutritionist". Prepare an honest record of one week's usual eating habits including notes on symptoms, energy levels, drinks including water intake, bowel movements, plus your


If you can't come in person to your follow-up, make a Skype appointment. It's better than missing out. Gift vouchers available.

So why not join me for a cup of tea or coffee to experience how easy it can be to eat well - yes, there's good stuff in coffee too!

'I saw Fiona after a long line of appointments with other health professionals to combat a fatigue problem. The things that set her apart from everyone else was that she really listened to me talk about all the parts of my lifestyle that contribute to the problem and showed me not just how to put a band-aid over it, but how to make better choices in the future to stay healthier longer. Rather than making nutrition complicated, Fiona broke things down into simple categories which make future food choices simple as well. She described ways I could enjoy the foods I crave the most and explained the benefits of including tasty new things in my diet. She also sent me a huge number of recipes that are super easy to make and have impressed the socks off my friends and family. All of this has made it even easier to eat well daily. My energy levels and clarity of thought have increased dramatically as a result. I now understand just how incredible 'incredible' can actually feel!' KB, Canberra.

If you don't look after your body
where are you going to live?