Fiona Workman is a clinical nutritionist, lecturer at Nature Care College, corporate speaker, and Bowen therapist based in Sydney. She is passionate about enjoying great food and a sunny lifestyle, all in the name of good health. But she is also realistic about the pressures of an increasingly fast city life so flexibility is a big factor in her advice.

Fiona holds a Bachelor degree in Health Science, a Diploma of Nutrition, and a Bachelor degree in Commerce. She is a Professional Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and has been in professional practice since 2002.Fiona Workman

Fiona's interest in complementary medicine followed the sudden death of a close family member from a heart attack - despite ongoing treatment from a medical doctor. Convinced that there had to be more to preventing disease than just pharmaceutical drugs, Fiona studied nutrition and its effect on health.

Fiona also incorporates the ancient Indian medical system of Ayurveda with modern dietary advice, and emphasizes common spices and garden herbs to stimulate digestion. As a result Fiona merges modern Western nutrition with time-proven Ayurvedic medicine for a more comprehensive approach to health.

Working alongside dentist and sleep-specialist Dr Charlotte de Courcey-Bayley, Fiona treats many patients with stress-induced symptoms such as high cholesterol, low energy, interrupted sleep, diarrhoea, constipation, skin conditions.


'I am sooooooo happy! My LDL is 3.3 and in 20 years I cant remember it ever being so low. The average is 4.8 and after dieting it was normally 4.2. I now know I had a problem with my liver and detox was the answer. My doctor is chuffed but dismisses my liver story. Anyway, I have to keep that level...huff I wonder how. Thanks a million dearest Fiona.' P.L., Avalon

'I have to tell you that my energy levels are sky-rocketing and I haven't felt this good in a very long time. I am currently travelling and have tried hard to minimise the drinking and keep the diet on track. I have tried to stick to a celiac/non-dairy diet and I am now swearing by it. Obviously I have the odd lapse and I notice it immensely, with symptoms like an upset stomach and bloating. As restrictive as it is, I feel that it has given me freedom from other issues, and those benefits way outweigh the inconvenience. In regards to those drops you gave me, I would love to purchase some more, they have been sensational! Could you let me know where I could source them from? Thanks for the tips, and I will definitely speak to you soon.' R.G., Brookvale

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